Anti-Acne Soap


Anti-Acne Soap

Acnethro Soap

For spotless and clear skin

  • Acnethro Soap comes with Allantoin, Vitamin E and Aloe-Vera gel.
  • It wipes out excessive oil.
  • It clears out acne blemishes.
  • It Protects against UV damage.
  • It acts as an astringent.

Gently apply on the skin to form lather & rinse off completely. For best results use twice a day at night and in the morning.

Aloevera: It has 10% Aloe Vera has powerful anti inflammatory & anti bacterial properties making it highly effective.
Allantoin: A good astringent , helps to even out acne scars & creates more balanced tone. It is also an anti-ageing agent that facilitates skin cell regeneration.
Vitamin E: Protects Skin cell membranes from damage by oxygen free radicals.