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Glycolic 35% Peel


Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Crow’s-Feet, Uneven Skin Tone, Hyper-pigmentation, Sun Damage

Glycolic 35% Peel

It is in aqueous base, serum form in a pack of 50 ml.

It has a lower pH than pK value and hence more free acid available for action. Euro dropper of the peel ensures accurate dose quantity & no wastage. It is endowed with sodium lactate as a binder which has moisturizing properties. Glycolic acid primary peels off the dry and dead skin ensures the correction of the natural peeling cycle and provides a natural glow to the skin.

  • Wrinkles
  • Fine Lines
  • Crow’s-Feet
  • Uneven Skin Tone
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Sun Damage

6 month dose regimen at gap of 2 weeks .

Glycolic acid:  It is available in 35%.


Glycolic 35% Peel
Glycolic 35% Peel

Effective for wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, uneven skin tone, hyper-pigmentation, sun damage.

Glycolic 50% Peel
Glycolic-50 Peel

Peel off the dry and dead skin and provide natural glow to Skin.

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Quickly reaches deep into the skin with a high skin penetration rate.