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Hair care

Hair care is a general term for cleanliness and cosmetology of the hair which develops from the human scalp. Hair care routines differ as per according to a person’s way of life and the physical characteristics of one’s hair.

Hair Problems

. Gray Hair : The most common reason for this problem is genetic.

. Hair Loss : It is caused by thyroid disease, anemia, protein deficiency, chemotherapy, and low vitamin levels.

. Oily Hair : It is caused by excessive sebum production.

. Hair Damage : The main causes of hair damage are bleaching, perms, highlights, coloring, flat iron, blow-drying, ponytails, braids, over-brushing, over-shampooing, extensions and weaves.

What We Offer
Our entire hair care product line is designed to combat and address all hair types and needs. The product line includes hair care shampoo, hair loss solution and anti-dandruff solution.

Hairvital Shampo

Cleanses, Conditions & Revitalizes Hair with its unique formulation.

K2-ZOLE Solution

It Stops the drying of hair which leading to hair damage.

K2-Zole LD
K2-Zole LD Solution

Effective for treatment of Cradle Cap in Children.

Cosalic Solution
COSALIC Solution

Controls Dandruff, Psoriasis of scalp & Seborrhoeic Dermatitis.

COSALIC-K Solution

It has anti-fungal properties and also helpful in controlling Dandruff.

MNX-3 Topical Solution

Effective for Hair Fall and loss as well as nourish the Hair follicle.

MNX-5 Topical Solution

Stimulates Hair Growth in individuals with alopecia androgenetica.

MNX-Forte Travel Pack
MNX-FORTE Topical Solution

Stabilizes Falling Hair as well as stimulates Hair Growth.

MnX-3 Triple Pack
MNX-3 Triple Pack

It is the only treatment for baldness for both Males & Females.

Hautvit Tablets

It promotes Hair growth and also protects against dryness.

Hautvit Forte Tablets
HAUTVIT Forte Tablets

It is essentially aimed at hair growth with potent grape seed extract & vital minerals.

FINAP Tablets

Effective for the treatment of Hair Fall in Men.

MnX-5 Triple Pack
MNX-5 Triple Pack

Efficacy proven scientifically & proved by clinical studies.

MNX-3 Travel Pack
MNX-3 Travel Pack

It has the concept of metered dose pump for right amount of dosage.

MnX-5 Travel Pack
MNX-5 Triple Pack

Has an added advantage of both spray and dropper.


It contains Coal Tar that has Keratolytic action.

Plaintar CS Lotion
Plaintar-CS Lotion

It contains Clobetasol Propionate that has anti-inflammatory and anti-pruritic action.

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