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Looking for the best cream for dry skin?

Embrace this winter tight! Yes, you heard it right! Now you don’t have to carry the excess baggage of tension that knocks on your door every winter. Any guesses? Absolutely correct – we are here in front of you handing over the detailed clarification of how one can stamp out the issue of dry skin bringing up in front of you – the Best Cream for Dry Skin in Winter.

Are you a winter lover person who eagerly waits for December and January to memorable blueprint excursions with your friends? Or are you the one who does not like winters, yet you welcome the winters with open arms? Whether you are in the first category or the second one, there is one thing common in both groupings: your skin during the winter. It turns out to be a challenging task when you are with a huge smile to say hi for the winters, but at the same time, you are worried about your dry skin. The question that gets up here is how you can manage your face’s roughness and dry surface during winters, isn’t it?

Drop the hat of fear as we have come up with the fantastic solution of Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin in Winter in India – we know you are eager to know the exact way out of eradicating the dry skin problem.

Before diving into the ocean of how to get rid of dry skin, why not go in a small walk acquiring few details about it – there we go then!

Signs And Symptoms of Dry Skin

Dry skin is one of our skin’s widespread concerns and is characterized by the dearth of sufficient water volume in the epidermis. The epidermis is the outermost layer of the three layers that frame the skin. And the remaining two layers are the dermis and hypodermis. The epidermis layer is responsible for creating the obstacle to the infection from environmental microorganisms and pathogens. At the same time, its significant work is to control and regulate the quantity of water set free from the body into the atmosphere via trans-epidermal water loss. The epidermis is an element of fat/lipid and protein. The lipid here, along with other epidermal proteins, does a service preventing the skin from dehydration. Insufficiency of lipid or protein disperses the skin moisture quickly, and there you seek the Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin in Winter.

The epidermis layer comprises fat (lipid) and protein. The lipid portion of the epidermis, in company with specific epidermal proteins (for example, filaggrin), helps prevent skin dehydration. When there is a deficiency of protein or lipid, the skin moisture evaporates more quickly.

The medical term of this skin condition is xerosis. Dry skin creates impediments during the winter season and becomes an obstacle in day-to-day routine in summers. It is necessary to find the correct and relevant solution, thus settling on to the Best Moisturizer. There have been so many home remedies that have come off amongst us, but the question that comes here is – do these solutions solve dry skin issues? How many of you have tried home remedies and couldn’t get the way to get out from this problem – many; Right!

Now you don’t have to think or slant towards dry skin issues because we have come up with the Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin, Sensitive Skin that wipes out dry skin winters and summers as well.

If not treated or well moisturized, dry skin can initiate hitches such as eczematous dermatitis, skin discoloration, secondary bacterial infections, cellulitis, etc. However, these conditions occur in a rare case of dry skin in men or women. In general, Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin gives complete nourishment to the skin and comes up with a positive outcome. The first and significant thing that one should always do is drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated.

Dry skin arises when the skin is unable to retain moisture – this can occur due to using harsh soap, frequently showering with the harsh cleanser or specific medical conditions. If you have rashes on the skin, itchiness during the cold winters, and dryness of the skin – then Best Cream for Dry Skin in Winter shells out to be an effective solution.

Common symptoms of dry skin are rough, dry patches, and itching. The general area affected by the skin’s dryness includes hands, arms, lower legs, and the back area of the body. When there gets severe dryness, cracks and fissures appear.

So, in short, there are the following signs of dry skin

  • Itchiness on the skin (where dryness occurs)
  • Roughness and dried-up surface
  • Red patches

Causes of Dry skin condition

Want to know the cause of dry skin? Certain factors augment the cause of dry skin

  • One of the common aspects causing dry skin is taking a shower/ bath with harsh soap. Yes, the soap type has a very significant influence on the skin; thus, the specialist recommends using a gentle soap that doesn’t cause dryness on your skin.
  • Using excessive soaps
  • Choosing an inappropriate moisturizer or putting dermatologists recommended moisturizer improperly for dry skin in India
  • Applying wrong cream for dry skin

Dry skin issue also gets developed by taking medications for allergy, high cholesterol, high BP, and acne problem. Aging also contributes ratio of dryness on the skin to many individuals. Furthermore, the skin’s dryness also links with some medical issues such as eczema, psoriasis, hypothyroidism, diabetes.

Lifestyle and other environmental factors also contribute to the development of dry skin, thus it is necessary to take care of your skin properly using the suitable and Best Moisturizer For Dry Skin.

Treatment – Best Moisturizer For Dry Skin

India is the seventh-largest country globally and is recognized for so many awe-inspiring factors– antique monuments & tombstones, different cultures. It’s the only place where the people cheer up and play a part in various religious occasions and festivals, and what else? Yes, India has manifold seasons – Spring, Summer, Monsoon, autumn, Pre-Winter, and winter. And as per the seasons, there get different requirements. Here we are not just talking about winters, but also the issue of dry skin that stands up in summer.

During the pre-winter season, we are on the go to search for the Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin in winter in India that will keep the skin fully conditioned and moisturized. Isn’t it? And if you are delicate, you have to pick out the apt and suitable cream for your skin because winters in Delhi are WINTER, wherein you have to protect your skin from the windy, blowy, and cold atmosphere. Anyways, there are several points one should know in order to prevent the dryness of your skin.

Our entire skincare framework gets affected in winters. Taking everything into consideration, winter is the season where you have to give more love to your skin and protect the skin from getting dry, dehydrated, and flaky.

Finally, your wait ends! Introducing the Best Cream for Dry Skin in Winter – Parasoft parcels out miraculous results, keeping the skin creamed and moisturized.  Parasoft is the mishmash of white soft paraffin and light liquid paraffin. Soft paraffin and light liquid paraffin – both are the prime factors one should have in one’s skincare kit during winters. It also has Aloe Vera that patches up the dry skin, thereby managing extreme dry skin circumstances. Read our skincare tips blog to know more.

The dermatologist specialist recommends PARASOFT CREAM for the reason that it is dermatologically tested, Paraben-free, and the hypoallergenic blend of soft white paraffin & liquid paraffin. These two components of Parasoft cream shell out the prevention of trans-epidermal water loss; this means the skin remains hydrated for 24 hours.

Parasoft Cream is

  • Best applicable on dry skin
  • Best Cream for Dry Skin in winter
  • Also used in summers when dryness occurs
  • This cream is one of the most prescribed dermatologist-recommended moisturizers for dry skin in India
  • It hands out to be the best result in the case of dry skin acute conditions like eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, xerosis, hyperkeratosis, and other scaly matter. Parasoft Cream comes with so many advantages in providing the best solution for dry skin problems.
  • Parasoft gets a hand on various dryness solutions, such as Parasoft Body Milk for Entire Body, Parasoft Emollient Lotion for Curative Shower, and Parasoft Cal Lotion dry, itchy skin, and to tackle sensitive skin.
  • Not just this, Parasoft heaps upon the moisturized soap as well – Parasoft Soap.

Parasoft Cream’s outcome is the Best Cream for Dry Skin in Winter giving complete moisturization to the dry skin. If one uses both –  parasoft soap & lotion/ cream, then the issue of dryness won’t bother you, and you will have a bang-up-to-date life without any worries of itching, dryness, or scaly skin.

The Parasoft cream comes with ultra-nourishing properties & a perfect combination that prevents moisture loss and retains the skin to be moisturized 24 hours.

How to Use Parasoft Moisturizing Cream?

Apply a sufficient amount of Parasoft cream over the face and body to protect from moisture loss. This cream gives instant nourishment to the skin and ensures intense moisturization throughout the day.


Here are a few different ways to fight against dry skin that could be done by applying Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin in winter in India

  • Limit yourself to a 5-to 10-minute shower every day – do not shower for a long time. Use lukewarm water and a bar of soft soap.
  • Pick out the soft soap for bath and make sure you do not use harsh soap or Parasoft shower gel
  • To try not to harm the skin, avoid shower wipes, clean brushes, and washcloths
  • Pat or smear (don’t rub) the skin when drying dry.
  • Never under any circumstance scratch; instead of scratching, apply the suitable cream because a good cream can handle the tingle
  • Use scent-free clothing cleansers and stay away from cleaners.
  • Try not to wear different textures that can bother the skin.

Cold weather and blowy wind bring on dry skin and mark the beginning of eczema and other medical conditions; hence it is always suggested to use the Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin in winter. Now fight back by using the accurate and suitable cream, drinking plenty of water, and applying the moisturizer after the bath.

There we have reached the bottom of this page – Hope you have acquired enough knowledge of how you can upkeep your skin nourished and moisturized using the Best Moisturizer For Dry Skin during the winters also in the summers.