Topical Anaesthetic

Numbex Cream 50gm

“To Numb the Skin in All Procedures
Numbex comes with spatula and occlusive dressing. Numbex is available in economical jar packing of 50gm.

“It is effective in following procedures :
1.) Spilt skin graft harvesting.
2.) Electrosurgery of Cutaneous lesions.
3.) Removal of Molluscum bodies 8 tattoos
4.) Superficial biopsy
5.) Superficial skin surgeries
6.) Anaesthesia before laser assisted hair removal
7.) Removal of Condylomata acuminata
8.) Intravenous Cannulation”

“For Minor Dermal Procedures: Apply 2.5gm of Numbex cream over 20-25cm2 of skin surface for at least 1 hour.
For Major Dermal Procedures: Apply 2gm/cm2 of Numbex cream & allow it to reman in contact with the skin for at least 2 hours.”

Numbex contains 2compounds: Lidocaine 2.5% & Prilocaine 2.5%, which has two different melting points, As you know In Eutectic mixture, 2 compounds are mixed together and melted to achieve a low melting point which has benefit of better absorption, spreadability & higher penetration rate.