Baby Finger Toothbrush


Littloo baby finger toothbrush is a transparent baby brush made from FDA- approved food-grade quality silicone. It is a unique dual-sided BPA- free & toxic-free finger brush best for newborn’s oral care.


Suitable for Baby’s sensitive tooth & gums

  • Cleanses the tongue and teeth of little munchkin and improves salivation.
  • Best to use when the child is teething and can be used as a non-artificial teether.

FDA- Approved Silicone Baby Finger Brush

Approved and recommended by leading pediatricians: It is made from non-toxic silicone material and hence is totally safe for newborn babies. It is a unique dual-sided designed brush for cleaning teeth or gum massage.

Complies with FDA Standard: It is made from food-grade premium quality transparent silicone material and BPA free finger brush that can be used to gently cleanse your baby’s teeth after feeding/meals. Apart from cleaning the gums, this brush provides relief to the child’s tender gums from soreness during the teething phase and also offers oral stimulation.

BPA Free

Finger brush is safe to use on new born babies too.

Toxic Free

This toxic free silicone material gently cleanse baby’s teeth after feeding.

Pediatrician Recommended

The outer side of the brush has soft & fine pressure points which stimulate and massage the gums.

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Baby Finger Toothbrush