Littloo Bug Repellent


Littloo bug repellent spray for babies is a combination of 8-cold pressed essential oils that make sure the baby’s skin should get contact with the natural ingredient instead of being in connection with any harsh and toxic chemicals. Since Littloo natural mosquito repellent for babies is embedded with more than eight-plus cold-pressed essential oils, it also provides a moisturizing effect and nourishes the baby’s skin.


  • This littloo mosquito repellent for babies has a pleasant fragrance

Shake well before use, spray on the exposed part of the body except for the face. Also, spray around the body or clothes. Do not apply to cuts, wounds, and irritated skin.

  • Citronella Oil & Lemon Grass Oil is a best repellent against mosquitoes and bugs

Protects against Ades, Culex, and Anopheles

The benefit of cold pressing the essential oil: In humans, essential oils have a powerful health impact on virtually all parts of the body. Littloo Bug Repellent is made by cold-pressing the essential oils which help preserve the integrity and potency of these oils and offer greater health benefits to the skin. “Cold pressing” the essential oils means no external application of heat. Also, it is free from harmful ingredients which makes it safe on baby’s delicate skin.

Protection against Mosquitoes and fleas

Littloo Bug Repellent Spray gives complete protection against Culex, Ades and Anopheles mosquitoes.

Enriched with Citronella and Lemongrass oil

This formulation is enriched with natural oils. It is non-sticky with a fragrance of natural oils used in it.

Dermatologically tested

This formulation is mild which makes it perfect for baby’s sensitive skin. Good skin compatibility has been dermatologically tested.

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Littloo Bug Repellent