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Your Needs, Our Solutions

Top Dermatology Company in India

While natural aging is genetically determined, extrinsic aging can be prevented. We, at salve, contribute to “healthy aging” not only by trying to erase time vestiges in skin but by also playing a significant part in prevention, regeneration, and delaying of skin aging.


We introduce for the first time in India a gel based sunscreen with a unique water-oil-water encapsulation nano-technology which offers uniform protection from sunburn, suntan & other photodamaging effects and also ensures even spread ability on the skin.


Other than just moisturizing your skin, Moisturizers also function as vehicles to deliver ingredients like vitamins, antioxidants, peptides, exfoliants etc. to the skin. Hence knowing the actives of a moisturizer only may help you explore its right usage and efficacy. Our complete range of moisturizers viz. cream, soap, lotion & emollient body milk is enriched with glycerin & aloe vera base which provides utmost softness to the skin.

According to Harvard Medical School, about one in three women experience hair loss at some point in their lives. Well that’s not all about the hair problems. Our complete hair care range caters to the variety of hair problems like hair fall, dandruff, and dry, frizzy & damaged hair.


Free radicals damage contributes to many chronic health problems such as cardiovascular and inflammatory disease, cataract, and cancer. Hence consumption of dietary and plant-derived antioxidants appears to be a suitable alternative. Our antioxidants enriched with grape seed extract and natural Vit. C solves all your free radicals related problems.


Acne can have severe psychological effects and can leave the patient with severe skin scarring. Our multiple acne management regime viz. anti-acne soap, face wash, gel, lotions and creams provide the complete solution to acne and acne related side effects.


Although there is no cure for psoriasis, there are multiple effective treatment options. Topical therapy is the standard of care for treatment of mild to moderate disease. Our most comprehensive anti-psoriatic therapy inclusive of steroids, coal tar and salicylic acid gives best management to psoriasis.


Atopic Eczema may be caused by genetic factors and may be influenced by environmental factors.
The treatment options include:

  1. Standard medical treatment such as topical steroids and topical immunomodulators.
  2. Adjuvant therapy.
  3. The following basic treatment such as using emollients. Voila! We give you all.

Not only body fungus, we have a solution for scalp fungus too i.e. seborrhea an extreme condition of hair dandruff and flakes.


Our extensive baby care range for chaffed or dry skin is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested which moisturizes, softens and hydrates without causing irritation. Also we have baby mosquito repellant spray which is derived from plants and essential oils, including citronella, olive oil and lemon grass oil as active ingredients.

Climbing the Charts of Trust

Best Quality

We manufacture the quality that is best in the industry through constant creative research and challenges. Due to its quality Salve is also known as the Top Dermatology Company in India.

From Source to Delivery point – One Company

The authenticity of products lies in complete control over manufacturing right from procurement till shipment.

Rich Manufacturing & Marketing Concepts

Highly Skilled staff constantly thinks about designing the apt manufacturing and marketing strategies of the products.

People Before Profit

We stay as a life-long companion of our customer by being considerate towards them.

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Innovation: We aim to have our finger on the pulse of emerging therapies & consequently have risen with many innovative products in the Cosmetic & Derma segment.

Quality – Our key concern: the same is evident in the wide range of our products being manufactured by GMP certified plants and our compliance with the strictest manufacturing regulation of the pharma industry and that makes us the top Dermatology Company in India.

Overseas market leaders: With our presence in more than 14 countries, our products have also been endorsed by Dermatologists across the globe and have also been quoted in several magazines, blogs & medical books. This speaks volumes about our quality and the credibility we have earned over the years in the overseas market.

Spectacular Views

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Salve is a proud member of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). The principal goal of the CII International Policy and Trade Council is to commence activities to relate Indian & global businesses.The council also works towards developing market approach for Indian exporters.

CII Affiliation


Salve is a proud member of Federation of Indian Export Organisation (FIEO), the apex body of Indian export promotion organizations set up jointly by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India and private trade and industry in the year 1965. FIEO is thus a partner of the Government of India in promoting India's exports.

FIEO Partner


Salve owns the Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product (COPP) which is issued in the format recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), which establishes the status of the pharmaceutical product and of the applicant for this certificate in the exporting country.

COPP Certified


Salve is WHO GMP certified company. GMP defines quality measures for both production and quality control and defines general measures to ensure that processes necessary for production and testing are clearly defined, validated, reviewed, and documented, and that the personnel, premises and materials are suitable for the production of pharmaceuticals and biologicals.

WHO-GMP Certified


Salve is a proud member of ASSOCHAM. The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) is one of the apex trade associations of India the goal of which is to promote both domestic and international trade and reduce trade barriers while fostering a conducive environment for the growth of trade and industry of India.

Assocham Partner


Salve is ISO 9001:2015 certified organization which implies that we stand tall on the expectations of internationally recognised Quality Management System (QMS). It is the world's largest developer of voluntary international standards and it facilitates world trade by providing common standards among nations.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified


Salve is certified from Indian Drug Manufactured Association (IDMA). The IDMA Membership consists of over 1000 wholly-owned Indian large, medium and small companies under the State Boards.IDMA also works very closely with the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission in compiling and bringing out the Indian Pharmacopoeia and also wholeheartedly supports them in all their activities.

IDMA Partner


Salve is a proud member of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).FICCI is the largest and oldest apex business organisation in India. FICCI provides a platform for networking and consensus building within and across sectors and is the first port of call for Indian industry, policy makers and the international business community.

FICCI Partner


Salve is a proud member of  Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council (Pharmexcil), set up by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt of India. Pharmexcil is known to organize trade delegations abroad and assist members to get their Market Access Incentives (MAI) claims refunded from GOI.

Pharmexcil Partner

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