Hair Care

Salve Pharmaceuticals offers the best and safe Hair Care products for Healthy and Beautiful Hair through innovative research & latest technology.

Hairvital Shampo
Hairvital Shampoo

Cleanses, Conditions & Revitalizes Hair with its unique formulation.

K2-Zole Solution

It stops the drying of hair which leads to hair damage.

K2-Zole LD
K2-Zole LD Solution

Effective for treatment of Cradle Cap in Children.

Cosalic Solution
Cosalic Solution

It has keratoplastic action to control scalp psoriasis & seborrhoea.

Cosalic-K Solution

It has anti-fungal action too to fight against dandruff caused by fungi.

MNX-3 Topical Solution

Effective for Hair Fall and loss as well as nourish the Hair follicle.

MNX-5 easy PACK
MNX-5 Topical Solution

Stimulates Hair Growth in individuals with alopecia androgenetica.

MnX-Forte Topical Solution
MNX-Forte Topical Solution

Stabilizes Falling Hair as well as stimulates Hair Growth.

MnX-3 Triple Pack
MNX-3 Triple Pack

It is the only treatment for baldness for both Males & Females.

MnX-5 Triple Pack
MNX-5 Triple Pack

Efficacy proved scientifically & proved by clinical studies.

MNX-3 Travel Pack
MNX-3 Travel Pack

It has the concept of a metered-dose pump for the right amount of dosage.

MnX-5 Travel Pack
MNX-5 Travel Pack

Easy to carry in a pocket, as light as the pen.

Hautvit Forte Tablets

It is enriched with potent grape seed extract & vital minerals to promote hair growth.

Finap Tablets

Effective for the treatment of Hair Fall in Men.

Plaintar Lotion

Proven keratolytic action on the whole body and scalp against psoriasis induced itchiness, drying, and irritation.

Plaintar CS Lotion
Plaintar-CS Lotion

Known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-pruritic action against skin disorders like lichen sclerosis, psoriasis, eczema.

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