As you step up your age, the skin undergoes specific changes. Some parts of the body are more susceptible than others, like our face – Yes, the skin of the face requires extra care and attention because our face is the first thing exposed directly to the environment. Isn’t it! Crow’s feet –it is those little lines spreading out from the corner of the eyes.

Crow’s feet are a normal part of aging that starts appearing after 40. Still, there are several ways to get out from this – taking care of your skin following a regular skincare routine, going to bed after removing the make-up, and never using chemical-based products, especially on your face.

Crow’s feet are wrinkles that show up at the corner of your face near the eyes. These wrinkles are usually observed in people who are above 40. Crow’s feet can be a bothersome and embarrassing condition as well. There are specific causes why people develop crow’s feet, but that’s okay; we have got the best solution to diminish these lines near the eyes.

Let’s learn the causes and ways to cure and slow down the process of crow’s feet.


What causes lines around the eyes? Mentioned below are some significant factors that cause crow’s feet

  • UV Rays– This is one of the most significant causes why crow’s feet occur. When you’re directly exposed to the sun without Sunprotek sunscreen on, the sun is likely to harm you, giving you unwanted sunburn, skin reaction, wrinkles, premature aging, and crow’s feet. Your skin is vulnerable to the sun’s UV rays when you don’t put sunscreen on the areas where the sun reaches your body (directly). Our skin uses collagen, which guards the elasticity or “tightness” of the skin and allows the skin to look young. However, when you’re imperiled to UV rays, the rays kill off the collagen, making the skin much more impervious to crow’s feet and wrinkles.
  • Pollution – Environmental factors like pollution also play a significant role in determining the factors emerging skin condition such as wrinkles and crow’s feet. Exposure to dust, dirt, smoke shreds and other environmental pollutants increases the possibility of skin issues. Crow’s feet can occur if you regularly work around an environment that is polluted and unclean. Whenever you’re revealed to environmental pollutants, your skin loses its original touch and appearance; hence it is mandatory to protect your skin using suitable sunscreen.
  • Sleep positions – This is perhaps the most shocking cause of crow’s feet as it is the last thing one can expect. A study found that 73% of people like to sleep either on their side or on their stomachs. While this is a relatively relaxed position for some, it leads the crow’s feet. When you sleep on your side or your stomach, the skin gets stretched, and stretching of the skin adds to the crow’s feet and wrinkles.
  • Smoking and alcohol – Smoking has many adverse effects; it deteriorates health, heart issues, lung disease, weakens the immune system, and many more. Do you know that smoke also initiates the visibility of wrinkles? Yes, it does! Whenever a person smokes, he/she allows external chemicals to enter the bloodstream, sabotaging the blood and nutrient flow to the skin, which eventually can damage the collagen and cause other substances in the skin, cause crow’s feet, or wrinkles. Alcohol consumption causes the skin to release the water clutched inside the body, especially in the cells. This induces collagen to lose an essential fuel for its functioning, which is water.
  • Sugar – Other than diabetes and eventually cardiac failure, sugar is also a major cause of wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet.

The biggest cause behind the crow’s feet is losing the elasticity in the skin that gets combined with early wrinkles caused by squinting and smiling.


Here are some best ways to slow down crow’s feet –

  • Use night creams – Night creams are a great way to keep your skin in check when you’re sleeping. Night creams can be applied just before sleeping to fix UV damage to the skin or even harm caused by environmental pollutants. We highly recommend using EYEZ GEL 20 plus dark circles and EYEZ GEL 40 plus for wrinkles and crow’s feet. This night cream created by our specialists is explicitly outlined to repair skin cell damage. Its moisturizing effect and moisturizing balance leave the skin feeling refreshed. It also restores the collagen in the skin slowly – that, in turn, lessens the chances of dark circles, revitalizes collagen, and reducing the eye bags.
  • Wear UV protection – We recommend applying Sunprotek 30 + or 50 + sunscreen gel which keeps the harmful UV rays away from the skin and reduces collagen depletion. Wear Sunprotek sunscreen on your face, arms, and any part of the body which is exposed
  • Using a Hyaluronic acid + Collagen product – Moisturizing the skin with the combination of hyaluronic acid and collagen is an important and easy way to curb wrinkle formation and even delay crow’s feet development. The best in the category is FIRMER. This is also one of the best anti-aging serums for any age group. FIRMER essentially improves the visible firmness in the skin and around the eyes specifically. And it is easy to use.


Your skin requires proper care because if your skin shine, you shine! That’s why it is necessary to take intensive care of it at a time when you can. And the night is the most suitable time when your skin absorbs the treatment.

Pamper your skin by massaging around your eyes to get rid of crow’s feet. You have to gently massage around your eyes for five minutes each night when you apply the EYEZ GEL 40 – eye cream to revitalize collagen and have beautiful eyes without any crow’s feet.

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